Adding a binary null to a value using attr_rewrite

Tore Anderson tore at
Tue Jul 19 11:51:19 CEST 2005

* Alan DeKok

>   Submit a bug on, sayign "Seimens NAS product X"
> is broken.  Maybe public shame will push them to fix it.

  I will, if I can conclude that this is indeed the problem.  Right now
 it's only a suspicion.  I need to check out another loose end about how
 it's interpreting the encryption of User-Password as well.

* Tore Anderson

>   Adding that null-byte to the replacewith string doesn't seem to work,
>  unfortunately.  At least not in any way I've tried - but the RFC
>  mandate that a server implementation should handle null-bytes, so I
>  would think there has to be /some/ way of doing it?

* Alan DeKok

>   Yes.  But it's a little complicated, because you're now trying to
> treat "Class" as *both* a text string, and a sequence of binary bytes,
> and the server isn't really set up to do that easily.

  Nevermind me, I have this tendency to run into strange setups that
 can't possibly work..  :-)

>   Hmmm... I'll have to think about that.  I've *never* heard of this
> problem before, so it's not immediately obvious how to solve it.

  Well, if I could add "\0" to the string and have that be interpreted
 as a zero-byte in the string instead of its terminator, it would be the
 easiest for me.  Of course, that probably causes other problems under
 the hood that I don't really know anything about..

  Thanks for your patience with me, I'll try some more to figure it out.

Kind regards
Tore Anderson

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