Error in Dialup Admin's online users page

Tobias Wolf towolf at
Tue Jul 19 16:21:22 CEST 2005

there's a mistake in user_admin.php3 of dialup_admin.

Right now, it's displaying the Download value twice on the Online Users
page. Once as human-readable value under Upload and once as raw bytes
under Download.
I found the glitch on line 196.

   if ($lastlog_input)
	$lastlog_input = bytes2str($lastlog_input);
	$lastlog_input = 'not available';
   if ($lastlog_output)
>>>> $lastlog_input = bytes2str($lastlog_output);
	$lastlog_output = 'not available';

Of course it's got to be $lastlog_output.

cheers, tobias

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