linux requirements

Sebastian Wild sw at
Tue Jul 19 23:17:31 CEST 2005

Well Rh 7.3 is indeed a bit outdated ;)
Now in fact there is several distributions that already do ship 
freeradius as package. So you needn't compile it so far.
Examples are: Debian Sarge or SuSE.
Now if u wanna set up freeradius on a server I'd suggest using Debian 
Sarge. U could install it via network or download a debian netinstall 
iso that installs thebase system und apt-get install the packages u need.
We use Debian on our radius servers and it works quite fine!

So now u have one suggestion/opinion...


Lucas Aimaretto wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm willing to install Freeradius. I'm using red hat 7.3 in a lab
>enviroment. I now it is outdated so, which linux distribution do you
>recomend for installing it ?
>I've heard that gcc is something critical ...
>Any opinion ?

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