Searching Subcontexts in eDir

Sayantan Bhowmick sbhowmick at
Wed Jul 20 05:57:11 CEST 2005

   If you are getting a reply with ldapsearch then you should be able
to authenticate as that user. One of the possible causes of the -669
error is an invalid password. So check the password and make sure you
are able to log in as that user.


>>> jp at 07/20/05 3:00 AM >>>
I have not setup Universal Passwords as this is not an option because
of the
complexities of the tree.  As of right now, the LDAP Group in
eDirectory does
not require TLS, so I am therefore not requiring it in radiusd.conf
either.  I
want to get it to work over cleartext for now, and then setup TLS

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