attribute checking with AD

Stefan Winter freeradius-users-ml at
Wed Jul 20 16:19:04 CEST 2005


after having almost successfully set-up authorize {} and authenticate {} 
section to do AD clear-text logins, only a small problem remains:
We want to allow access for only a subset of the AD users. These users are 
distinguished from the others by the following criterion (you don't want to 
know why):

if the AD attribute "Department" begins with the character "7", the user is 
allowed access, otherwise not.
So far I mapped "Department" as a checkItem to one of our Vendor-Specific 
attributes in ldap.attrmap and _wanted_ to do regexp matching in the users 
file for that Vendor-Specific attribute after authorize->ldap passed through.
DEFAULT Our-Vendor-Specific-Thing =~ [^7].*, Auth-Type := Reject

This doesn't work (sorry, no debug output available, not my machine). Now I 
wonder: is there another possibility to do regexp matching against items that 
are retrieved from AD or LDAP? Unfortunately just checking the attributes 
delivered by the NAS is not enough.


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