No communication between FreeRadius and Chilli

sean sean at
Thu Jul 21 07:02:00 CEST 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 21:29 +0200, freeradius-users-
request at wrote:
> sean <sean at> wrote:
> > The problem is
> > that Chilli can't communicate with my Radius server. Ethereal tells
> me
> > that the destination is unreachable when replying to the Chilli box.
>   It looks like the port isn't open.
> > No.     Time        Source                Destination
> Protocol Info
> >     540 142.622909 
> RADIUS   Access Request(1) (id=0, l=195)
>   Ok...
> > The Radius server and the Chilli AP get their IP's from DHCP on a
> Caymen
> > DSL modem with static IP. The Modem is The Radius
> server
> > is
>   What's the problem?  The Ethereal output you showed above disagrees
> with your statement about the IP address of the RADIUS server.
>   You have the Chilli AP configured to send RADIUS packets to the DSL
> modem.  The Ethereal output is telling you this.
>   Alan DeKok.

I have UDP and TCP Pinholes open in the modem for ports 1812, 1813 and
1814 pointing to This should be directing trafic to etc to That is what I had to do
for Apache, Jabber and other services. Does Radius use any other ports
and should I have any ports opened to

Thanks for your help.

Regards Sean

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