FreeRadius 1.0.4 - FreeBSD - Syslog not working

Daniel Richardson Daniel.Richardson at
Thu Jul 21 12:20:51 CEST 2005

Hi there,
I've succesfully installed (from the ports collection) FreeRadius
(1.0.4) using Secure LDAP to Active Directory (horray!) - however, I
can't seem to get it to log authentication attempts (much less anything)
to syslog, this is my final stumbling block, and I really need some help
I've spent hours scouring the mailing lists seeing many people with
similar problems, and I've tried many of the supposed solutions without
success. There seems to be some mention that information was included in
the documentation at some point, however I've download the latest source
code and grep'ed the documentation for anything containing 'syslog' and
turned up empty (even browsed seemingly relevant docs manually).
My syslogging is syslog-ng and works fine logging for several network
devices. Syslog is installed on the same machine as freeradius. The
source code seem to indicate syslogging is compiled / enabled by default
- so presumably the port includes this as I see no options 'disabling'
Things I've tried, with no success include:
* From the radiusd help, I've included command line options.
  -l log_dir      Log messages to 'log_dir'.  Special values are:
                  stdout == log all messages to standard output.
                  syslog == log all messages to the system logger.

user at domain$ radiusd -l syslog
* Edit the radiusd.conf file to include:
log_destination = syslog
log {
        syslog_facility = daemon

* Edit the radiusd.conf file to include (which results in radiusd:
Couldn't open syslog/radius.log for logging: No such file or directory -
fairly obvious its not doing interpretting this differently)
logdir = syslog
Has anyone got this working succesfully? With this version of
FreeRadius? How did you do it? Does anyone know troubleshooting methods
I can use (radiusd -X will not log to syslog since its redirecting to
Any answers or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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