multiple peap authentication source?

tbsky at tbsky at
Thu Jul 21 14:55:44 CEST 2005

     i try to setup wireless wpa + freeradius.
     i use eap-peap-mschapv2, and it was success.
     i can authenticate users via "users" file and i can
     authenticate users via winbind+windows 2000 ad server.
     the next step i want to do is mix  both "users" and
     "windows 2000 ad" as authentication source, but i don't know
     how to do it.

     i try to create two "mschap" modules, "mschap-1" and "mschap-2". but
i found that the "mschapv2"  module internally look at the
    module named "mschap", so the two modules  i create are useless.

    can i creat a redundant moudle name "mschap" which include
    two mschap modules? or is there better way doing this?

    thanks for help!!!

Best Regards,

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