filter id stored in LDAP

Dusty Doris freeradius at
Thu Jul 21 19:16:19 CEST 2005

On Wed, 20 Jul 2005, sean wagoner wrote:

> Can the actual Filter ID be store in and retreived by the radius
> server. By this I mean not just the name of the filter but it's actual
> contents?  If so how?

Sure.  The file ldap.attrmap maps radius attributes to ldap attributes.
By default there is one that is for filter-id.

replyItem	Filter-ID	radiusFilterID

To use, it just put radiusFilterID in your ldap directory under either the
user, or the default profile user.

For example.

dn: cn=someuser,ou=radius,dc=yourdomain
objectclass: radiusprofile
objectclass: person
cn: someuser
sn: someuser
userpassword: password
radiusFilterID: Somefilterid

This would pull radiusFilterID from ldap and make it a Filter-ID reply
item, such as

Filter-ID = "Somefilterid"

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