Debian and 'module "eap" returns noop for request'

Kris Benson kbenson at
Thu Jul 21 22:58:18 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I'm currently in the process of trying to get a D-Link DWL-2100AP and a
DWL-7000AP to authenticate off FreeRadius, but FreeRadius doesn't seem to
be too keen on talking EAP to them.

I have self-compiled the EAP module on Debian due to the binary
distribution restrictions, and the error I'm getting is:

module "eap" returns noop for request [number]

for every time a Windows XP SP2 client tries to connect.

The Windows Hotfix is now only available by request, so I haven't been
able to try that to see if it solves the problem.  If someone has it,
please e-mail it to me! :-)

I'm not sure if this is a Windows issue or a FreeRadius issue at this
point -- the "noop" seems odd, but perhaps it's what is being sent that is
causing it.

If someone could offer some suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards,

Kris Benson, CCP, I.S.P.
Technical Analyst, District Projects
School District #57 (Prince George)

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