Multiple Appearing of the same Attribute & variables

Metz, Frederic Frederic.Metz at
Fri Jul 22 15:40:55 CEST 2005


now I tried the actual CVS nightly snapshot of today, because of shared lib errors I disabled the rlm_eap module in, I need the radius server in the first step only for accounting.

Nevertheless, the %{Attribute[index]} didn't work. The field in the sql statement in debug mode is empty. If I use %{Attribute}, I get the first appearing attribute, that's how it works also in 1.0.4.

Do you have any tips ?


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"Metz, Frederic" <Frederic.Metz at> wrote:
> I have a Radius Packet with one Vendor Specific Attribute coming
> twice in that packet. Since I am writing the information into Mysql
> database, I wanted to know how to address the first and the second ?
> I saw that %{Attribute[index]} should work, but it doesn't. The
> entry (seen in Debug mode) is empty. I am using Radius 1.0.4. What's
> wrong with my conf ?

  The problem is not your configuration.  The problem is that the
syntax you quoted is valid only in the current CVS snapshot, not in

  Alan DeKok.

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