rlm_ldap: Attribute "User-Password" is required forauthentication

Kris Benson kbenson at sd57.bc.ca
Fri Jul 22 17:24:58 CEST 2005

>"melvin" <melvin.wong at muvee.com> wrote:
>> Sorry as I am not an expert in radius but if I do not set "Auth-Type =
>> how do I ensure that the authentication goes thru ldap.
>  LDAP is an authentication server?  That's news to me.
>> All the users have their passwords stored in ldap and therefore I
>> hope to utilise the ldap to do the authentication.
>  LDAP is a database.  Let FreeRADIUS read the passwords from LDAP,
>and have FreeRADIUS do the authentication.
>  FreeRADIUS is an authentication server.  LDAP is not.

Hi Alan, Melvin,

LDAP does provide some authentication -- through the 'BIND' statement. 
Incidentally, this is how the FreeRadius rlm_ldap module chooses to
authenticate against an LDAP entry... it attempts to 'bind' to it, passing
the username and password to LDAP.

I have successfully integrated FreeRadius & LDAP -- I can get you my
config entries if you would like.  It worked with OpenLDAP practically

Kris Benson, CCP, I.S.P.
Technical Analyst, District Projects
School District #57 (Prince George)

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