Setting up freeradius to work with cisco aironet accesspoints in a custom environment

Mario Lipinski mario.lipinski at
Mon Jul 25 15:08:48 CEST 2005


thank you for your response.

Alan DeKok schrieb:

> Mario Lipinski <mario.lipinski at> wrote:
>> And how to use it in the SQL template or configuration?
>  The sample SQL configuration in sql.conf?

I will have a closer look at this now. Maybe you could give me a hint how
to configure Freeradius to look for MAC Addresses and EAP authentication
in different tables?

>> Another table contains user information like Domain, Username and
>> Password and much of other information. The passwords are encrypted
>> (unix password crypt).

>  Then you can't do LEAP.

What else could i do? Is there a solution which works with unix crypt and
without a ssl certification infrastructure?
Can i do LEAP with Samba-Passwords (which are also stored in the db)? I
think this should work in general but not with the MSChapv2 implementation
in FreeRadius. Is there any way?

>> Any help is appreciated. Whould be also nice, if you could point out
>> some interesting and not too long documentation on theses special
>> topics.

>  The server contains general information on what the configuration
> options are, and what they mean.  The server does NOT contain detailed
> information on how to set up your site configuration, because every
> site is different.

OK. Thats all that my writing is about. I don't know how to really get
away from the sample layout. For example how to distinguish between
MAC-Address and EAP authentication requests.

I think the problem i atm have is, that i don't understand much about
radius and so cannot point out where my problem exactly is... I will try
to get some more deeper into it now.


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