802.1X Port Authentication using unix user/pass

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Tue Jul 26 17:12:02 CEST 2005

Quoting Vladimir Vuksan <vlists at veus.hr>:
>> To make life easy...
>> I want WPA-EAP authentication working, but I want the authentication 
>> be against
>> the Linux username and its password.
>> Is this possible? Guides and tips welcome
> It is possible however only with EAP-TTLS and PAP inner tunnel
> authentication. Set up EAP and TTLS then make sure your WPA clients are
> using TTLS+PAP. Here are directions on how to set up clients
> http://vuksan.com/linux/dot1x/wpa-client-config.html

Thanks for that.
Does the Dlink DWL-2100AP support this? It supports 801.X WPA
Here's is a screenshot of what the WPA configuration section looks like 
(on the
AP's config page)

I'm hoping that I can use WPA-EAP with this option, but notice under 
it has AES, Auto, TKIP... which one?


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