Disconnect-Request packet

N White nwtech at tele-net.net
Wed Jul 27 23:23:08 CEST 2005

Ok. I am trying to figure out how to disconnect a user, or to tell the 
radius server to send a disconnect packet to the NAS for a specific 
user. This is the command I am using:

echo "User-Name = nickwhite" | radclient disconnect mysecret -x

This is the debug output from the radius server:

ad_recv: Disconnect-Request packet from host, id=139, 
Unknown packet code 40 from client - ID 139 : IGNORED

I also came across this:

But why then is there a command as part of radclient to disconnect, and 
what does that response exactly mean. Is there any way to accomplish 
this?(disconnecting a user via radclient?)


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| nwtech at tele-net.net     |

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