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Thu Jul 28 07:04:06 CEST 2005



I am a very frustrated free radius user at this point.  It's most likely my
brain not working right but here is my problem


I have a free radius server that does authentication for our slipstream
accelerator.  The accelerator passes an attribute to the radius server and
identifies the client into a group.  This works fine.  How ever I am having
problems else where we currently want to use the same radius server to do
dialup authentication.  It currently is working to do this.


We use freeradius with mysql.  I am having problems with users dialing into
the system more then once from more then one location at the sometime.  I.E
a simultaneous use problem.  I cannot check against the NAS because we don't
have our own nases and are doing pass-thru radius authentication.


I need to do some kind of simultaneous use checking I'm really frustrated
can someone point me in the right direction.

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