ICRadius to FreeRadius Migration

Karma Foxx karma.foxx at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 00:00:52 CEST 2005

Hello all.

I've been put in a situation in which I am forced to replace our old
icradius server. Upon finding support and development for icradius has been
discontinued for quite some time, I was persuaded to give FreeRadius a shot
due to its widespread acceptance, praise, and most naturally its snappy web
front-end. I'm now stuck with the task of migrating our old (mySQL)
databases, as we have far too many users to re-enter manually. Wilst I have
done my best to make the original icradius tables congruent with the new
freeradius setup, my efforts have been rewarded with a week of frustration.
Unfortunately, even the wise google has come up nearly empty handed in our
searches for a tutorial or even some small scrap of information relevant to
quick-and-painless or just slightly painful migration; thus I turn to this
mailing list - if anyone has come across and could point myself and fellow
archive-searchers in the direction of a resource no matter how mind-tearing
or vague, it would be very much appreciated; any place to start is a good
place as I'm just picking this up as I go along. My basic setup is as such:

Old ICRadius server
Mandrake 9.1, Apache 2x, icradius 0.18 with php front-end, mysql 4 installed

New FreeRadius server
Gentoo Linux, apache 2x, php4x, freeradius 1.0.2-5, freeradius-dialupadmin
1.70, mysql installed elsewhere

Standalone mySQL Server
Gentoo Linux, Apache 2x, php4x, phpMyAdmin 2.6.3 (which is what I have done
the bulk of my table-tinkering with), mySQL 4.0.24

I presently have the old icradius database sitting in the standalone sql
server (while the production and up-to-date version remains on the original
server) as 'oldradius' and the freeradius installation-script-generated
database as 'radius'. All I've really done thus far is modify the structure
of the tables in 'oldradius' so that they can be easily copied.
Unfortunately, this presents the problem of having several columns with null
or incorrect values. It would really help to know if there are some key
default values that will get things done even in the dirtiest of manners if
anyone is familliar with the differences between icradius and freeradius in
dealing with mySQL.

Thanks in advance to any who reply; if nothing at all, it will certainly be
beneficial to the apparent lack of documentation on these situations.

Karma Foxx

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