ICRadius to FreeRadius Migration

Lucas Aimaretto lucas at cyneric.com
Fri Jul 29 15:46:29 CEST 2005

> I've been put in a situation in which I am forced to replace 
> our old icradius server. 

Hi. I also migrated from IC-Radius to Freeradius.

> I'm now stuck with the task of migrating our old 
> (mySQL) databases, as we have far too many users to re-enter 
> manually.

Just make sure you are using the right queries at the sql.conf for
authorization and accounting. You can have as many columns as you wish
in your tables and submit the queries in the way you want. Just make
sure you RETURN the required fields to freeradius: Id, Username,
Attribute, Value, Op. There is some logic in how Freeradius understands
the returned fields. Read doc/rlm_sql.

> Thanks in advance to any who reply; if nothing at all, it 
> will certainly be beneficial to the apparent lack of 
> documentation on these situations.

There is plenty of information out there. Just need to find it ;-)



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