AW: Proxim AP-700 AcctUniqueId

Uwe Driessen driessen at
Sat Jul 30 00:18:57 CEST 2005

> "Uwe Driessen" <driessen at> wrote:
> > There missing the Framed-IP-Adress and the Acctsession-ID 
> is the MAC 
> > from the Calling Station with this Information the Unique 
> session Id 
> > is alway for this User the same and after a separation the Radius 
> > write in the same record.
>   The packet you quoted is an Access-Request, and doesn't 
> contain Accounting-Session-Id.  The FreeRADIUS "unique" id 
> doesn't apply here, either.
>   Alan DeKok.

My Problem is that there is nothing Acct-Session-Id comming from the AP700.
As Acct-Session-Id this AP sends the MAC off the Client no counter or other
unique's for this Session.
I quotet a Start and a Alive Paket how Radius -X it gives out on the screen.

Is there anyone who has AP-700 in Hotspot with accounting? Can anyone tell
me what i can do to use this AP as Hotspot? From Proxim i get anser that
there is no unique Acct-Sesion-ID and no Framed-IP-Adress to deliver from AP
to Radius.
I thought could generate the Acct-Unique-Id with MySQL and select before the
update write to the table.
How can i do 2 sql Statements in one Radius funktion to do so.
Thanks for the ansers.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen 
Uwe Drießen


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