Cannot create more than one certificate

Jefri bin Dahari jeff at
Wed Jun 1 04:41:41 CEST 2005


I try to implement EAP/TLS for network users in company I work. 
Authentication is works only for one certificate. When I create a second 
certificate and concatenate with the first certificate using 'cat', both 
certificates does not work . The error it gives is shown below (error is in 
the last line),

auth: type "EAP"
  Processing the authenticate section of radiusd.conf
modcall: entering group authenticate for request 37
  rlm_eap: Request found, released from the list
  rlm_eap: EAP/tls
  rlm_eap: processing type tls
  rlm_eap_tls: Authenticate
  rlm_eap_tls: processing TLS
rlm_eap_tls:  Length Included
  eaptls_verify returned 11
    (other): before/accept initialization
    TLS_accept: before/accept initialization
  rlm_eap_tls: <<< TLS 1.0 Handshake [length 0041], ClientHello
    TLS_accept: SSLv3 read client hello A
  rlm_eap_tls: >>> TLS 1.0 Handshake [length 004a], ServerHello
    TLS_accept: SSLv3 write server hello A
  rlm_eap_tls: >>> TLS 1.0 Handshake [length 0274], Certificate
    TLS_accept: SSLv3 write certificate A
  rlm_eap_tls: >>> TLS 1.0 Handshake [length 0078], CertificateRequest
    TLS_accept: SSLv3 write certificate request A
    TLS_accept: SSLv3 flush data
    TLS_accept:error in SSLv3 read client certificate A

I hope somebody from the list can help me.


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