I did it MYsql+freeradius+chillispot

Rupak rupak at sns.com.np
Wed Jun 1 22:55:27 CEST 2005

Thank you very much to all the participants for helping me to successfully
installing the server.i have now created users in my sql and it is
authenticating successfully.Now in the current scenerao I am  only able to
give prepaid facility to my users


I mean that in the section "Simeltaneous-Use" I give the required seconds.
Now I want to know what is the "attribute" for the postpaid scheme.


I mean that I wont define any sort of time limitations.But I want my
customer's surfing time to be appended in mysql.How can this be done?.   And
can the Max-All-Session value be given in minutes/hour's.


Thank you


Rupak Shrestha

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