Freeradius-Users Digest, Vol 2, Issue 3

markcapelle at markcapelle at
Wed Jun 1 14:56:22 CEST 2005

>Hello all! I would like to know if anyone has gotten freeradius to work
>with eDirectory (LDAP)? We are using freeradius 0.93 (ships with sles9)
>and want our wireless users to authenticate to the eDirectory box. I
>changed the radiusd.config file at the ldap entry. Clients file has not
>been touched. It seems that i may need to "extend the schema" on the
>eDirectory box. Then include the supplied radiusxx.schema file in the
>slapd.conf file. Any help will be appreciated.


I had this running in my environment for about 2 years.  You don't need any
schema changes(that I can recall) and you don't need to do anything with
slapd.  Just configure freeradius to look at your eDir as a LDAP store.
Search the archive lists, there should be plenty of examples there.

Mark Capelle
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