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Stefan Winter freeradius-users-ml at
Thu Jun 2 09:26:30 CEST 2005

> > in the slq conf file set readclients=yes and make sure that
> > nas_table=nas.
> In the first email I said I had that enabled.
> So you mean nas table is properly used by freeradius and reads the hosts
> stored in it with the secret for the NAS? What about the clients.conf file?
> What should I keep there? It needs at least one host definition or radius
> will not start.

It is a bad behaviour that the server refuses to start. As a workaround, just 
put one dummy client in the file (e.g. localhost) and have all the rest in 
the nas table. Other than for providing that one dummy client, the 
clients.conf file is obsolete if you use the nas table.
Alternatively, you could use the patch
which makes the server start when the nas table is used even when the 
clients.conf file is empty/nonexistent.
Alan DeKok once said he considers the patch for inclusion into the mainline 
server, but I didn't hear any further news on this since some time.


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