No Calling-Station-Id in Auth-Request

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1. install ppp-2.4.3
2. I am attaching my radius.c where the radius client from pppd is sending
the MAC address of connecting host. This is my patch and it works fine for
me. I do NOT take any responsibility for the use of this changed file. The
radius.c file has to be places into ppp-2.4.3/pppd/plugins/radius/
directory. When you open the file you will see a part like 

/* do you want to send MAC address or IP address in the attribute
 * Calling-Station-Id ?
 * SEND_HW_ADDR = 1 ( YES ) / 0 ( NO )
 * string client_hw_addr contains clients MAC address 	 

where you can enable this option or not. This allows you to send the MAC
address to the radius server ONLY if the authenticating host is on the same
LAN segment as your gateway with pppd. It reads the MAC address from the arp

Recompile ppp-2.4.3 and voila !

I know this has NOT anything to do with freeRadius, but since the question
was mailed here, maybe some other users may need this too.


Edvin Seferovic

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hey guys
I have been trying to authenticate user based on mac-address. But the
problem is my pppd is not sending the mac address of clients in it's

I'm using following softwares:
(i)   rp-ppoe
(ii)  pppd-2.4.1
(iii) ppp-2.4.1-vanilla-radclient-v2.1.patch
(iv) freeradius-1.0.2

Can anyone tell me how to send the mac-address of the client in the
Auth-Request as Calling-Station_Id or anyother attribute/value pair.

Thanks in advance


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