Dean Mumby dean at
Mon Jun 6 09:59:11 CEST 2005

Hi all , firstly I installed 1.0.1-1 for centos 3.4 and then downloaded 
the latest 1.0.3 tar ball and installed dialup_admin. I am able to add 
users but when I test a password it always says failed. Is there a 
setting that I have missed somewhere that controls whether the pasword 
are crypt or not ? I intend to have all auth and acc configured in mysql.

Secondly when I tried to compile 1.0.3 I also get the error that has 
been reported. I guess there will be an update sometime soon.

Thirdly I rebuilt the srpm for centos in order to get the mysql , 
postgresql specific rpms I noticed that a number of patches are applied 
to freeradius , are these neccessary ? while I was rebuilding the rpm 
using the 1.0.3 tarball I noticed that some of the patches would not 
apply so i simply removed them. The spec file that comes with freeradius 
does not aply these patches.


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