Authenticate to eDirectory

Sayantan Bhowmick sbhowmick at
Mon Jun 6 10:15:12 CEST 2005

   The documentation in:
gives a list of dependencies for the freeRADIUS rpm. If you install 
these rpms(through yast) you should be able to install the freeradius 
rpm at:

   The latest version of FreeRADIUS is 1.0.3. You can get the source 
from freeRADIUS site( 

>>>carnold5 at 06/03/05 12:49 pm >>> 
>>One possible reason could be that the user you are building the 
>>server as does not have the appropriate file system permissions to 
>>files within the /usr/local directory. 
I should have stated that i am logged in and running this as root. 
>>You can also get the FreeRADIUS RPMs for SLES 8 or SLES 9 from: 
So, i downloaded the rpm (and consoleone plug-in (thanks for the link)) 
and tried to install it using yast. Of course, when yast checks the 
dependencies, it says that, and lib5kcrypto are 
missing. So, i searched (in yast>software>install and remove software) 
for the said lib's/files, none found. Huh?? 
So, i thought maybe i could install the freeradius 0.9.3 version and 
then "upgrade" to the new version 1.0.5 (i think). 
So as it stands now, i can not install the 1.0.5 version on 
SLES9/OES-Linux using edirectory. What am i missing. Thanks for all the 
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