Ip pool doesn't works properly

Simone Giovanardi s.giovanardi at satcom.it
Mon Jun 6 18:20:45 CEST 2005


 How can I configure FreeRADIUS to assign IP address dinamically with Ip Pool when there is a 
 successful authentication from Cisco 7200 access server with FreeRADIUS 1.0.0?

This is my ip pool config section on radiusd.conf:

ippool main_pool {
                #  range-start,range-stop: The start and end ip
                #  addresses for the ip pool
                range-start =
                range-stop =
                #  netmask: The network mask used for the ip's
                netmask =
                #  cache-size: The gdbm cache size for the db
                #  files. Should be equal to the number of ip's
                #  available in the ip pool
                cache-size = 127
                # session-db: The main db file used to allocate ip's to clients
                session-db = ${raddbdir}/db-satc.ippool
                # ip-index: Helper db index file used in multilink
                ip-index = ${raddbdir}/db-satc.ipindex
                # override: Will this ippool override a Framed-IP-Address already set
                override = no
                # maximum-timeout: If not zero specifies the maximum time in seconds an
                # entry may be active. Default: 0
                maximum-timeout = 86400

Like this it works sending out only 2 ip address...always the same...


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