Sarkis Gabriel sarky at
Mon Jun 6 22:05:06 CEST 2005

check admin.conf

# can be one of crypt,md5,clear
general_encryption_method: clear

Dean Mumby wrote:
> Dean Mumby wrote:
>> Hi all , firstly I installed 1.0.1-1 for centos 3.4 and then 
>> downloaded the latest 1.0.3 tar ball and installed dialup_admin. I am 
>> able to add users but when I test a password it always says failed. Is 
>> there a setting that I have missed somewhere that controls whether the 
>> pasword are crypt or not ? I intend to have all auth and acc 
>> configured in mysql.
> OK forget about the other questions. All I need is to know where to 
> start looking for the problem. If I create a user using the dialup admin 
> , the user is created. If I search I can find it but no matter what I do 
> I cannot get it to check the password and tell me its correct. It always 
> says its wrong. Even with simple 1234 passwords.
> Could it be a problem with the encryption routines ? Is it a php 
> problem. This is an up2date centos 3.4 box.
> Any Ideas ?
> Regards
> Dean

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