Port-Limit/Simultaneous Use based on NAS IP

N White nwtech at tele-net.net
Mon Jun 6 23:41:55 CEST 2005

Is this possible? Set a Port-Limit/Simultaneous-Use based on the NAS-IP 
that is sent to the FreeRadius server? Here is the setup I am looking at:
I have several users on Dial-Up that are only allowed 1 login at a time. 
Now I have several Wireless users that will be logging in twice via 
PPPoE (Twice because once for their CPE/Radio and once more for their 
home Router). The wireless users are allowed Dial-Up on top of their 
wireless service, but only when their Wireless is not in use. I want 
them to be able to login twice if they are logging in through the PPPoE 
server, otherwise only login once for Dial-Up. So then is this setup 
possible? I've read through a lot of the docs that are included with 
FreeRADIUS but haven't really seen anything relating to this. Any 
guidance/examples/input is appreciated.


nwtech at tele-net.net

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