Authenticate to eDirectory

carnold5 at carnold5 at
Tue Jun 7 04:04:41 CEST 2005

Hello! Well, now i am completely confused..I have tried to install 
openldap2 before on sles9/oes-linux and last time edirectory did not 
start and i had to reinstall from scratch. And again, when selecting 
the dependencies before installing freeradius i get this:
*openldap2 2.2.6-37.36 conflict
conflicts with: NDSserv conflicts with openldap2
*Conflict resolution:
do not install openldap2
*remove all 4 conflicting packages:
delete novstlog
delete ndsimon
delete novlembox
delete ndsserv
*ignore conflict and risk system inconsistencies

At least 2 of these are key novell components. So, i did not install 
openldap2 or freeradius. Can someone explain how to make these 2 
components work together?

   The documentation in:
gives a list of dependencies for the freeRADIUS rpm. If you install
these rpms(through yast) you should be able to install the freeradius
rpm at:

   The latest version of FreeRADIUS is 1.0.3. You can get the source
from freeRADIUS site(


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