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so Alan, one more question:

what is non-standard ?? maybe there was a misunderstanding.

I have a usual vendor specific attribute, but in the beginning of the "String" field there is a tag of 1 byte. Isn't it right that you can put anything in the "string" field in case of vendor specific attributes, thats the argument of the vendor, which also delivers the Radius-Server :-) but we want to use freeRadius. Another argument of the vendor is that our Radius-Server (freeRadius) isn't able to understand vendor-specific attributes with tagged fields.

I am quite a bit confused now. So this attribute is conform to the RFC?, but the credentials are in proprietary format, right ??

Thanks a lot.


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"Metz, Frederic" <Frederic.Metz at> wrote:
> I have a Vendor specific Radius attribute which is tagged with one byte
> in the beginning of the value field in the attribute.

  That's pretty non-standard.

> So when I have a vendor specific tagged attribute which comes
> i.e. twice in a Radius-Packet, I want to bring the data of the
> attribute with tag 1 into field 1 and with tag 2 into field 2 in mysql.
> But Sql.conf has only one variable (%{Attribute}) for that. I didn't
> find any spec which allows vendor specific tagging. Can someone help me

  I've never heard of this before, which is why there's no support for
it in the server.  i.e. You're the first person to ask for this.

  My suggestion is code modifications to convert the VSA into a more
standard format.  There's really no simple way to do it without
writing C code.

  Alan DeKok.

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