Performance tweaking and testing.

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Thanks for the reply.

Many good tips, I have added som info/questions/answers under some of 

Another question:
What did you set your max_requests, start_servers and max_servers to?

freeradius-users-bounces at wrote on 11.06.2005 
> > 
> > We have 1500 customers connected to our PPPoE servers, to autenticate 
> > have 2 freeradius servers connected to a mssql server.
> How many authentications per second are you expecting?
> With decent hardware you should be able to authenticate all 1500 within 
> a couple of seconds. I've tested our development Sun V440 to over 600 
> authentications per second using openLDAP as a backend with 1,000,000+ 
> entries and a random spread of usernames across those 1,000,000 entries. 

> My client was the limiting factor though, I couldn't max out the CPU of 
> the RADIUS server.

at least 700, if a server goes down, the other must take over. Or if we 
have to do a emergency reboot. 
It should handle at least that many.

> > 
> > Does anyone got a tip on how to improve performance on the radius 
> The biggest bottleneck is likely to be your database. Check your 
> indexes, etc.

I will try some more tweaking, but I would like to have a test tool first.
So I could see the differences.

> Homename lookups may be an issue too if the server is waiting to for DNS 

> lookups. Not sure if this is an issue at request processing time or just 

> at startup. Try turning it off (radiusd.conf) and see if it makes a 
> difference.

It is turned off

> Only log what is necessary. Are you logging request and reply packets? 
> If so, do you *need* to?

I have removed everything that I don't feel is necesarry.
> If authentication is *REALLY* slow (ie more than a couple of seconds per 

> request), run the server in debug mode and you may be able to see which 
> operations are taking the time.

It is not that slow, but I will try debug mode anyway to see if I can see 
any errors.

> > 
> > And how to test preformance?
> radclient can be used to send multiple requests to a radius server.
> I wrote myself some rough perl scripts to perform authentication and 
> accounting "load" testing and report on average number of requests 
> handled per second, etc.

So did I, but it ended up with the "test machine" taking up 100% cpu and 
not beeing able to authenticate more than 20 pr. sec.
I should work on my coding skills ;)

It would be great if you could share that script with me.
> Hope that helps a little
> regards,
> Mike
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