Performance tweaking and testing.

Michael Mitchell mitchell.michael at
Sun Jun 12 02:05:44 CEST 2005

Nicolas Baradakis wrote:
> Arne.Olav.Kjosnes at wrote:
>>I will try some more tweaking, but I would like to have a test tool first.
>>So I could see the differences.
> Install a CVS snapshot of FreeRADIUS on the machine which runs the
> client. New options -p and -n have been added to radclient to
> respectively send 'p' packets in parallel or 'n' packets per second.
> It's very convenient to run stress tests on the server.

Only issue with radclient is it uses a single set of attributes for 
every request. With a custom script I can run whatever spread of 
usernames I want so that I'm not hitting the same (cached in LDAP) user 
every single time. Comes down to what you're trying to test really - 
best possible performance, or a more "realistic" representative of your 
entire system.

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