restricting access for users

Dustin Doris freeradius at
Mon Jun 13 15:51:36 CEST 2005

> I have a second issue with this in that the users file has a defulat
> reject if the group is not matched. This also is not being used
> correctly by freeradius. The user defaults into that if there group does
> not match but does not get rejected.

I have never noticed any problems like that myself.

I suspect you have something else in your users file that it is matching
on.  Perhaps a DEFAULT Auth-Type = something?

Please post your users file in its entirety (you can remove the # lines if
you would like for easier reading)

Then post your radiusd -X output showing this behavior.  That way you can
read the debug info and look for a line that says something like "matched
users file at 1".

Without seeing the users file and the actual debug here its hard to say.

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