Class attribute questions

Shawn K. O'Shea shawno at
Mon Jun 13 17:18:20 CEST 2005

> > I just wanted to make 
> > sure that I wasn't missing something, and that there isn't 
> an easier 
> > way to get at the ASCII inside the octet stream.
>   Edit the dictionary, and change "octets" to "string"?

I saw discussion in a previous thread (Handling of the 'Class'
attribute, this post in particular,
267.html) that implied this was frowned upon, at least when interacting
with other RADIUS servers (which is what I'm using FreeRADIUS for), but
also because the RFC recommends that it should be treated as
undistinguished octets. 

> > 2) The rfc's allow for more than one Class attribute (at least in 
> > Accounting-Request packets). How does FreeRADIUS treat 
> references to 
> > %{Class} when this happens? i.e. Is there a syntax to refer to each 
> > instance of the Class attr or get a count of how many are 
> in the packet?
>   The CVS snapshots allow this.  1.0.x doesn't.  See doc/variables.txt

I read through the current doc/variables.txt in CVS. Looks great. Is
this a 1.1.x kind of feature or will it find it's way into a later

Thanks for the reply.

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