pam_radius_auth on 64bit Linux doesn't work (fwd)

Seferovic Edvin edvin.seferovic at
Mon Jun 13 22:53:01 CEST 2005


I had similar problem on a 64bit machine running SuSE linux.. although the
secret was correct, the client wasnt able to authenticate. Maybe RHEL has
the same problem... 


Edvin Seferovic

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We are starting to deploy 64bit RH Linux systems (AS3).

The 32bit module didn't work, and I had trouble getting the 64bit to compile


For the sake of time, I found a 64bit pam_radius_auth RPM and installed it.

It attempts to authenticate, but every packet gives an incorrect shared
error on both sides.

I've tried everything imaginable to get it to work with no success. The
secrets are absolutely correct on both sides.

Any success stories?  Any ideas?
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