executing external program

vicky vicky at trustive.com
Tue Jun 14 10:21:52 CEST 2005

Hi all!
I have a huge problem. When executing an external script I get strange 
error messages and my server shuts down. I find this strange because the 
script is tested a side and it works. Plus I have other similar scripts 
running and they run perfectly.

I get this in the log (radiusd.log) :
/Tue Jun 14 09:52:48 2005 : Error: Exec-Program: Abnormal child exit: 
Interrupted system call
Tue Jun 14 09:52:48 2005 : Error: rlm_exec (getaccounting): External 
script failed/

And this in the debug mode :
/radius_xlat:  '/home/vicky/finalprog/compAttrs Accounting-Request'
Exec-Program: /home/vicky/finalprog/compAttrs Accounting-Request
MASTER: Child PID 1842 failed to catch signal 11: killing all active 

Has anyone encountered the same problem or has anyone any idea what may 
be causing this?
Thanks a lot in advance!


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