username+password wi-fi authentication with freeradius

Milver Nisay mnisay at
Sun Jun 19 18:35:02 CEST 2005

This is reposted, would appreciate few hints to mark as starting point..

Milver Nisay wrote:

> nice to be back again with the list.
> what are some pros and cons of adding user-name and password attribute 
> together with authentication type eap/tls  attributes?
> would appreciate some feedbacks.
> what i would like to achieve is for wi-fi enabled laptop to get a 
> pop-up screen authentication,
> asking for username and password (besides from certificates) after 
> getting a dynamic IP from router or radius .
> this process can enable us to sell the service inside an internet cafe 
> or coffee shop, any links
> that can get me started and get on with the right track besides from 
> the dead link from Mr. McKay???
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