Expiration - my experiences and a partial solution

Jaco van Tonder jaco at alwayson.co.za
Tue Jun 21 07:33:04 CEST 2005

The rlm_expiration module in the latest CVS DOES include code to set the
session-timeout and it actually works.

Jaco van Tonder
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"Tomas 'tt' krag" <tt at krag.org> wrote:
> Unfortunately as Joachim Bloche pointed out in a mail "Session-Timeout
> not set with pending Expiration" on this list, it seems that Freeradius
> does NOT set the "Session-Timeout" based on an Expiration date in the
> future. 

  That's not good.

  I've fixed the CVS head, and will take a look into doing this in 1.0.x

  Alan DeKok.
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