Ruslan A Dautkhanov rusland at
Sat Jun 25 12:30:57 CEST 2005

Hello !

1. How to implement using different SQL modules for different huntgroups?
Something like this(?):
authorize {
    Huntgroup card {
          sql_module_card      #first instance
    Huntgoup contract {
          sql_module_contract   #second instance

    We're going to use CiscoAS53 as access server for contract clients 
(they use billing based on PostgreSQL)
and for prepaid card clients (they use remote Oracle DB server), so we 
need absolutely different techniques
for auth&acct for this groups of clients.

2. How to specify huntgoups, if the groups will have a same NAS-IP-Address?
    They even possibly will have the same Called-Station-Id...
Can I use regular expression to make difference between this two groups? 
The cards group will have exact
14 digits in the User-Password attribute, so it's not hard to identify 
such users... Or I even can reserve some
User-Name for the users in 'card' group, so different users will only 
vary on User-Password (they'll enter
their pin-code here).

Thanks a lot for any comments. If it's not possible to split this groups 
of users into different groups, we have to
configure up another access number in CiscoAS, and confugure two 
radius-servers, and say to end-users to
use phone number1 if they have contract with login/password or phone 
number2, if they use prepaid card... :/

Ruslan A Dautkhanov

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