radiusprofile entry don't work

Felice Pizzurro felice.pizzurro at email.it
Thu Jun 30 18:24:32 CEST 2005

Dusty Doris ha scritto:

>>I have tryed both solution but don't work!!! :'(
>>this is the output:
>>#ldapadd -x -D "cn=Manager,dc=unime,dc=it" -W -f example.ldif
>>Enter LDAP Password:
>>adding new entry "ou=radius, dc=unime,dc=it"
>>adding new entry "ou=profiles, ou=radius,dc=unime,dc=it"
>>adding new entry "ou=users, ou=radius,dc=unime,dc=it"
>>adding new entry "cn=WLAN, ou=profiles,ou=radius,dc=unime,dc=it"
>>ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21)
>>        additional info: objectclass: value #0 invalid per syntax
>Did you include the RADIUS-LDAPv3.schema into slapd.conf?  You need to
>tell openldap about the objectclass radiusprofile.
>in slapd.conf
>include                /yourpathto/openldap/schema/RADIUS-LDAPv3.schema
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yes, of course...
I have copied the RADIUS-LDAPv3.schema from the doc/ directory to my 
directory /usr/local/etc/openldap/schema, and I import it in the slapd.conf.

this is my ldif file:

dn: ou=radius, dc=unime,dc=it
objectclass: organizationalunit
ou: radius

dn: ou=profiles, ou=radius,dc=unime,dc=it
objectclass: organizationalunit
ou: profiles

dn: ou=users, ou=radius,dc=unime,dc=it
objectclass: organizationalunit
ou: users

dn: cn=WLAN, ou=profiles,ou=radius,dc=unime,dc=it
objectClass: radiusProfile
cn: WLAN
radiusServiceType: Framed-User
radiusFramedProtocol: PPP
radiusFramedRouting: None

dn: cn=Felice, ou=users,ou=radius,dc=unime,dc=it
objectclass: radiusProfile
cn: Felice
radiusGroupName: WLAN
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