No Detail Logs

Seferovic Edvin edvin.seferovic at
Sun May 29 21:40:59 CEST 2005


this is module configuration. Do you also have "detail" keyword in your
accounting { ... } part in the radiusd.conf?


Edvin Seferovic

PS: I recommend you to update free radius to 1.0.2 !

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Seferovic Edvin wrote:

>As you said... a missed keyword.... look for "detail" in your radiusd.conf
>Edvin Seferovic
I did look in there. Nothing was changed. It worked prior to changing IP
address's. Everything else has been the same.

	# Write a detailed log of all accounting records received.
	detail {
		#  Note that we do NOT use NAS-IP-Address here, as
		#  that attribute MAY BE from the originating NAS, and
		#  NOT from the proxy which actually sent us the
		#  request.  The Client-IP-Address attribute is ALWAYS
		#  the address of the client which sent us the
		#  request.
		#  The following line creates a new detail file for
		#  every radius client (by IP address or hostname).
		#  In addition, a new detail file is created every
		#  day, so that the detail file doesn't have to go
		#  through a 'log rotation'
		#  If your detail files are large, you may also want
		#  to add a ':%H' (see doc/variables.txt) to the end
		#  of it, to create a new detail file every hour, e.g.:
		#   ..../detail-%Y%m%d:%H
		#  This will create a new detail file for every hour.
		# detailfile =
		detailfile = ${radacctdir}/%{Client-IP-Address}/detail

		#  The Unix-style permissions on the 'detail' file.
		#  The detail file often contains secret or private
		#  information about users.  So by keeping the file
		#  permissions restrictive, we can prevent unwanted
		#  people from seeing that information.
		detailperm = 0600

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>I'm sure I missed a setting or something. We changed providers as well
>as our IP address's 4 days ago. Ever Since we did, no detail logs are being
>created by FreeRadius 9.3 Everyone can get logged in and realms are working
>fine, just no detail log. Any Ideas?
>Bob Ross
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