dynamic ip, shared secret

glanzel at gmx.de glanzel at gmx.de
Mon May 30 13:06:00 CEST 2005


i want to allow nas's behind a flatrate to talk
with my freeradius server.
these nas's has dynamis ip's.
has anybody an idea how i could deal with that.

at the moment i have a client named in the clients.conf
file - but that means that every nas have the same shared secret.
better ideas ?

and could someone tell me if my suggestions about the shared secret are
-> if using pap or chap shared secred is used to encrypt password when
-> if using peap or ttls shared secret is not used in the authentication
process but for the sending of encryption key for further encryption of the
connection between supplicant and radius at the end of the authentification

is that right ?

greetings grischan 


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