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Rok Papez rok.papez at
Mon May 30 12:57:14 CEST 2005

Hello Alan.

Dne petek 27 maj 2005 18:43 je Alan DeKok napisal(a):
> Rok Papez <rok.papez at> wrote:
> > I beg to differ... the users file is one of the things in freeradius that
> > are not confusing :).
>   It appears to be simple, but your question about User-Password shows
> the limitations & problems of the "users" file.

Which question ? You are probably confusing me with Anthony :).
Users file was always the clearest part of FreeRADIUS to me.

> > What is supposed to replace the users file ?
>   rlm_policy, or something similar.  Yes, it is a little bit more
> complicated than the "users" file, but it's MUCH clearer as to what
> it's doing, and why.

I won't judge rlm_policy before I get a decent chance to try it out.
But "more complicated and much cleaner" won't convince me :).

"Good software isn't just fast and very configurable, it's
also easy and intuitive to configure and use."

> > For example I use users file to do:
> ...
>   We will NOT remove functionality from the server in future releases.
>   We MAY change how you configure that functionality.

Thanks :-). Of course: "There is nothing wrong with more than one way how to skin a cat" ;-))).

lep pozdrav,
Rok Papež.

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