FreeRadius Logging Abilities

Chuck chuck at
Tue Oct 4 03:51:02 CEST 2005

On Monday 03 October 2005 08:18 pm, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Chuck <chuck at> wrote:
> > What i want to see in radius.log is an entry like this showing the nas-ip 
> > host/node name instead of radius client:
> > 
> > Fri Sep 30 20:04:37 2005: Auth: Login OK: [user at domain] (from nas 
> > socket 0 (0 sec)
>   For now, source code mods are required to change this text.

oh boy. fun time then. thankfully that mod shouldn't be too major.

> > I tried commenting out the detail area to eliminate accounting logs,
> > but then radius complained bitterly about not having a detail
> > section.
>   Comment out the *rest* of the references to the "detail" module.

i thought i did, but then again i did that early in the am after just waking 
up and still on my first coffee (when about all i can do correctly is push 
the red button so the light goes on to make coffee), so... will try again :)


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