add a realm to a User-Name if no realm

Dave Weis djweis at
Thu Oct 6 14:31:19 CEST 2005

Lewis Bergman wrote:
> I wasn't quite specific enough on my post. The NULL match in the realm
> module would probably work for the "no realm at all" situation.
> I was hoping to look for a specific %{NAS-Identifier} and based on that
> AND the fact that a user does not have an "@" in the username, add the
> realm.

I did something a bit similar, we are operating the NAS for another ISP 
that doesn't use the realm in their usernames. I put this in the users 
file to force it to be proxied:

DEFAULT Called-Station-Id == "515XXXXXXX", Proxy-To-Realm := "otherisp"

You should be able to do something similar.


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