newbie install problem

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Thu Oct 6 23:51:37 CEST 2005

I do get errors when I redirect it to files. But I'm not sure what to look
In the ./configure output I see warnings such as "snmpget not found", "iodbc
headers not found", "rlm_sql_postgresql requires: libpq-fe.h libpq.",
"oracle headers not found..", "unixODBC headers not found".
In the make output I see a bunch of sql_mysql.c errors and warnings.
In the make install output I see errors and warnings as well.

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>I have RedHat ES4 and I downloaded FreeRadius-1.0.5.
>unzipped it and 
>make install
>It didn't seem to complain, but I can't run it. I
can't >find the 
>file. And after server startup I don't see any radius
>daemon running. 
>How do
>I run it?

The radiusd binary should be in the /usr/local/sbin
If not, something went wrong during
compile/installation. Check the output again. It may
help if you redirect it to a file (like make >
make_output.txt). You can also check configure.log.


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