Add Attribute into Accounting-Response packet ?

Yurij Korik korik at
Fri Oct 7 17:16:25 CEST 2005

Forgive for my bad english.

When RADIUS got an update accounting packet (PW_STATUS_ALIVE),
i need create and add pair (for example "Session-timeout")
into request->reply->vps (module rlm_sql).

I write apropriate code into rlm_sql.c

alivepair = paircreate(PW_SESSION_TIMEOUT, PW_TYPE_INTEGER);
alivepair->lvalue = sesstout;
pairadd(&request->reply->vps, alivepair);

It's need to dynamically change Session-timeout depend by user trafic.

Is possible sothat this attributes was sended with
Accounting-Response packet to NAS ?

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