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Paolo Rotela paolo.rotela at
Fri Oct 7 23:31:34 CEST 2005

I do some post-proccesing for accounting and I do it through the exec module. I call at the end of accounting section one instance of the exec module wich calls a script wich does some post-processing, updates some tables and distinguish processing between Start/Alive/Stop.

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  Hi freeradius community!

  I want to do something with freeradius but i haven't find any information how to do that.

  The problem is I want to run  SQL query  after accounting stop request with in sql module. I found that sql module have 
   postauth_query feature. So i want same functionality but after accounting stop request.. 

  Is there any way to do it? (Note that i don't want  to use SQL trigger)

  Thanks for your responses 


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