freeradius - Called-Station-Id, reporting

Paolo Rotela paolo.rotela at
Tue Oct 11 16:20:56 CEST 2005

Did you debug the call setup in your AS5350? Usually Phone companies sends 
as DNIS only the last four digits. I mean, this is most probabily not a NAS 
or RADIUS issue, it is most probabily an issue with the provider of your PRI 
line and/or phone number.

Also, by default Ciscos send Called-Station-Id as the DNIS number sent from 
the PRI, so if you didn't configure some kind of translation, it's probabily 
mapping DNIS as sent by the PRI provider.

Ing. Paolo Rotela
Jefe Técnico
Blue Telecom
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>> Hello
>> We are currently using freeradius to authenticate dialup users.  We are 
>> investigating several wasy of improving the service offered to the dialup 
>> users and have encountered several issues: -
>> 1. The Called-Station-Id is a 4-digit number in the detail log file.
>> While testing authentication based on the Called Telephone number, the 
>> Called-Station-Id had to be specified as "1300" instead of "2131300" in 
>> the users file .
>> If we have two PRI lines , say 3120101 and 2130101, the Called-Station-Id 
>> will be seen as "0101" in both cases.  So we'll not be able to 
>> differentiate between the two numbers.  Is there a way to configure 
>> freeradius or Cisco5350 RAS to use a 7-digit number as Called-Station-Id. 
>> The Calling -Station-Id however is a 7-digit number.
>> 2.  I have also tested the Login-Time, Max-Daily-Session and 
>> Max-Monthly-Session attributes.  If the user is dialing outside the 
>> timeframe set in the users file or has exceeded his daily/monthly quota, 
>> he will not get connected. Excerpt of radius log file below : -
>> Thu Oct  6 15:26:18 2005 : Auth: Invalid user (rlm_counter: Maximum daily 
>> usage
>> time reached): [steve/<CHAP-Password>] (from client as port 255 cli 
>> 2117039)
>> As administrator we'll know why the user got disconnected .
>> For the user side now, how can we inform the user that
>> i) he has exceeded his quota and that he should replenish his account. 
>> or
>> ii) he's dialing outside the timeframe he paid for.
>> iii) he's got xxx seconds of connection time left
>> Are there any scripts that will interact with freeradius and send these 
>> users an email or sms?
>> 3. Does dialup admin work with plain text users file ?
>> Thanx in advance for your help.
>> Regds
>> Madhvi
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